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iRacing Season 3
Jun, 25, 2022

iRacing 2022 Season 3 has arrived! We’ve added TWO new Mercedes-AMG race cars, Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020 and Mercedes-AMG GT4, and the Radical SR10 to our stables. Travel to Japan, Australia, and the USA with Fuji International Speedway, Sandown International Motor Raceway, and Port Royal Speedway. Start Zones have been added as an option to all NASCAR Cup oval tracks for a more authentic green flag experience. We have heard our community and have fixed a tire conditioning exploit used during Qualifying. Tire graining and cording visual effects may now be seen on all cars, and our GT3 class has received the latest IMSA visual updates. The New Damage Model is now in effect on FIVE more car models, and AI Racing is available for TWELVE more pieces of content. Oh, and you’ll also find over SIX-HUNDRED (600!) new custom built setups. Jump in head-first to iRacing 2022 Season 3!


Season highlights include:

  • Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020

  • Mercedes-AMG GT4

  • Radical SR10

  • Sandown International Motor Raceway

  • Fuji International Speedway

  • Port Royal Speedway

  • iRacing UI Enhancements:

  • - - Quick Join (Race Now & Test Drive)

  • - - Guided Tours

  • - - Profile Widget

  • - - Streamlined Test Drive

  • - - Custom Car Classes

  • Start Zones

  • Qualifying Tire Warming Fix

  • NASCAR NextGen Vehicle Parameter Updates

  • Tire Graining and Cording Visual Effects

  • GT3 IMSA Art Updates

  • Per-Vehicle UI Positioning

  • New Damage Model for 5 Cars (All 3 NASCAR NextGen Class Cars, Mercedes-AMG GT4, and Radical SR10)

  • AI Racing for 8 Cars (ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020, Mercedes-AMG GT4, NASCAR SK Modified, NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified, and both Stock Car Pro Series Class Cars)

  • AI Racing at 4 Track Configurations (Fuji International Speedway (both configs),Sandown International Motor Raceway, and Stafford Motor Speedway - Full Course)

  • Over 600 new custom built setups


Visit our 2022 Season 3 features page here: https://www.iracing.com/seasons/2022-s3/

Full 2022 Season 3 Release details are below.






  • News stories and quick access buttons have been combined onto the same dashboard tab.

Profile Widget

  • The dashboard now features a new Profile Widget which tracks your recent results, latest activity, performance over time, and iRacing awards!

Guided Tours

  • A new system of guided tours is now available for some iRacing UI pages.

  • - - These tours will walk a user through the page providing some great details and tips on how to utilize that section of the interface.

  • Guided Tours are available for the following iRacing UI pages:

  • - - Dashboard

  • - - Test Drive

  • - - Current Series

Quick Join

  • A new pair of Race Now and Test Drive buttons have been added to the top-right corner of the iRacing user interface.

  • - - These buttons will always be visible and usable, no matter where you have navigated in the interface unless the Simulator is actively running or the Registration bar is present. 

Quick Join: Race Now

  • The Race Now Button now includes a quick link directly to your most recently joined Official Series page.

  • - - Additionally, the Official Series page now features a dropdown menu to the right of the Official Series name, which provides a searchable dropdown list of ALL Official Series, allowing you to quickly jump from one Official Series page to another!

  • You can also create a Hosted Session from here.

Quick Join: Test Drive

  • The Test Drive Session creation experience has been overhauled for improved usability and allowing you to get out on the track faster.

Custom Car Classes

  • Functionality for managing, creating, and using Custom Car Classes has been added to some areas of the iRacing UI.

  • - - A new modal window for creating and managing Custom Car Classes has been added to the Cars page.

  • - - While creating a Hosted Session, you may now create a Custom Car Class for that event.

  • - - - - Please note that you may not yet include AI Drivers in Hosted Sessions that feature Custom Car Classes.

  • - - Custom Car Classes are not yet available for use with AI Drivers.

Official Series

  • The Official Series page now features a dropdown menu to the right of the Official Series name, which provides a searchable dropdown list of ALL Official Series, allowing you to quickly jump from one Official Series page to another!

Race Results

  • A new Share button has been added to Official Race Results pages which will allow you to immediately share your wins with your friends on Facebook!




Paint Shop

  • A new sponsor, Extreme Simracing, has been added to the Paint Shop!

Results Page

  • Fixed an issue with the formatting of admin names in results penalty messages.

Note for 3rd Party Developers

  • We have made some changes to the login forms on the site. For additional details, please see this post in our forums:

Data API

  • Added a message field for some error responses with more detail.

  • Added the following new endpoints

    • /data/constants/categories

    • /data/constants/event_types

    • /data/league/directory

    • /data/league/seasons

    • /data/league/season_standings

    • /data/league/season_sessions

    • /data/member/chart_data

    • /data/results/search_series

    • /data/results/search_hosted

    • /data/team/get

  • Documentation is available in the same manner it has been, at https://members-ng.iracing.com/data/doc/:service/:method for new endpoints.




Race Servers

  • Fixed an issue that was causing teammates to not see the new tire compound selection when it was added to their team's car during a pit stop.

  • Fixed an issue where some drivers with identical favored car numbers may have been given replacement car numbers that were also already in use.


  • Some of the recent extrapolation changes designed specifically to mitigate nose/rear collisions have been updated.

Race Control

  • The Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny system has been updated for increased sensitivity around the pit exit area. This area is for exiting the pits only.

  • Fixed an issue where Race Control could release cars that missed the start from the pit lane too soon if the race has a standing start and the cars involved are not very good at launching.

  • Fixed an issue where some car parts did not have a correct black flag damage threshold, which could cause issues when they were incorrectly considered “Optional” repairs.

  • Fixed an issue where two cars exiting the pit lane during a caution could be inserted into the pace line out of order.


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